Trying to be everything

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Looking after us

By looking after me

WARNING; this blog contains ‘girls stuff’ and may not be appropriate if you get queasy talking about blood!!


Hopefully that got rid of the boys (haha!)


For over 12 months now I have been having terrible period pain and ovulation pain and sometimes just stabbing pain in and around my lower back and tummy. I would almost say that it’s on par with the pains I experienced while miscarrying. (Side note – I didn’t really stop then either. We were in London and I didn’t want to miss out on showing Lola the beautiful city that I hold so close to my heart – It just kinda seems bit silly now though, saying it out loud/typing it for a blog) Now as all good wives, mothers, business owners (etc..) do, I have just popped it aside, taken Nuromol when I feel REALLY bad and got on with being a wife, mum, sister, daughter, business owner. That was until a friend close to me found out that she had Endo – and this lovely lady is one of way too many for me to count that I know that has had the same diagnoses. I really should have asked the question earlier!! And I thought “Maybe I do too..??” or at least I should actually stop for three moments to find out why my body keeps screaming at me. So, that’s exactly what I am in the process of doing.


I am due to go in for a procedure next week, the 10th of April to investigate what the heck is going on in there. This means a couple of things: Firstly and most importantly for me, I won’t be able to give Lola my huge big hugs for a few days while my tummy will be sore and she definitely won’t be able to jump into bed with me and wiggle around in my arms. And secondly, it means that my other baby; Lola & May will need to close for a week while I mend. It’s a really hard decision to put all the things aside that you feel are important to not just myself but others around me to make sure I’m ok, cause I would always rather do what is best for my family, friends and customers than worry about keeping me going.


It’s difficult at the best of times to give myself a break and spend time (or god forbid, money) on making sure I am cared for too but it is something that we all have to make sure happens for the wellbeing of everyone around us (oh, and ourselves but everyone else first, right..)


So, I am sorry if you need anything between the 10th of April and the 16th of April and hope that you all take a moment to listen to yourself and your needs because you are so very important x